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Rent the Historic Ro-Na Cultural Center

Whether you just need the auditorium proper or the entire Ro-Na facility, host your next event in a piece of Ironton—and Ohio—history.

  • Auditorium: $500/night
  • Bar: $300/night
  • Marquee: $100/night
Rent the Ro-Na

Visiting the Ro-Na Cultural Center

An evening at the Ro-Na Cultural Center can easily become a full-blown “night on the town!”

Located at 310 S. 3rd Street in Ironton, Ohio, the Ro-Na is within easy walking distance of some of Ironton’s best dining. Park in the adjacent lot to the south of the Ro-Na or in one of the many convenient street-side spaces in the area, and you’re already within steps of such restaurants and establishments as The Depot, Melini Cucina Italian Restaurant, The Transit Cafe, Marco’s Pizza, and Toro Loco.

Whether it be for a pre-event meal or some after-show drinks, a visit to one (or more!) of our wonderful neighbors is the perfect way to make your evening with the Ro-Na complete.

Location of the Ro-Na within Ironton, Ohio